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Sleep Deeply Every Night


Client's Testimonial

I was very nervous about buying this , I’m very glad I did. I’m a worrier, my brain never shuts off. It takes me a good hour of just laying there to fall asleep. I bought The Beach a few months ago and it’s amazing. I can’t tell you what all is on it because no matter how hard I try to stay awake to hear it all I fall asleep about ten minutes in. Sometime I wake up when it stops, but I go right back to sleep no problem.

joann broadus

 I purchased The Beach when Harlen released it to the Speed Keto community. As someone suffering with chronic pain from my illness, I have "painsomnia", and rarely had a good night'ssleep. I don't get to the end of Harlen's The Beach editation before I fall asleep and stay asleep for hours. Thank you for sharing this with us Harlen

Laura Walker

I found that breathe calmed my mind and many time I fell asleep before it finished.

Cheryl Liebaert

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