Want Better Sex? Try Getting Better Sleep

Want Better Sex? Try Getting Better Sleep

Want Better Sex? Try Getting Better Sleep

 Sexual health is an essential part of everyday life. More people work longer hours and, as such, discover that they have reduced sexual drive. In this article, we will be drawing the link between sleep and sex. Men and women are both affected in different ways, but the premise is the same: sleep and sex are linked if you neglect one, the other will suffer. We will discuss how sleep affects sex and the benefits of sleep on sexual drive and desires.

How Does Sleep Affect Sex?

 Sleep deprivation affects both males and females differently. Although its effects are generally adverse, the outcomes range between the two sexes.


Men are not as affected by lack of sleep and its resulting stress as much as women. Research has shown that lack of sleep resulted in reduced testosterone levels in younger men. Testosterone is the hormone that controls the sex drive. This, therefore, indicates that a decent amount of sleep or lack thereof can determine if a man will be interested in sex or not. Another study shows that sleep deprivation contributed to erectile dysfunction, affects sexual performance and sexual functioning. The significant effect of sleep deprivation in men seems to be a general disinterest in sex-related activities due to lower testosterone levels.

Men who sleep better at night, for longer hours, and put in appropriate rest will see a better performance during sex than their counterparts who don't. Men who work stressful jobs and do not get an equal amount of rest are usually hit the hardest. This connection between sleep and testosterone makes it necessary for men to get their beauty sleep if they want to perform sexually.


Women who get a good night's sleep or better sleeping time have an increased or regular sexual desire. Research conducted linked the number of hours a woman slept to how much more interested in sex she'll be the next day. The longer she slept, the more curious she was. As little as an hour of sleep, it can cause upto a 14% increase in sexual interest. More sleep has also been linked to genital arousal in women. The more they sleep, the easier it is for them to become aroused.

The older women get, the more sleep affects their sexual life. For instance, in menopausal women, rest has a direct impact on their sexual desires. This is because of the complex psychological and biological interactions they have at that stage in their lives. Sex and sleep are closely linked in older women than it is in younger women, and as such, older women who do not want their sexual life or desires affected should put in the recommended amount of hours.

Benefits of Good Sleep on Sex

 Sleep has various positive effects on the sex and sexual desires of men and women. Here are three of the critical impact sleep has on sex:

Hormone Production

A decent amount of sleep will improve hormone production. In the REM stage of sleep, Testosterone is produced. Testosterone enhances sexual urges in both males and females. Studies conducted show that a decent amount of sleep is necessary to get the right amount of Testosterone produced.


Sleep rids the body of fatigue and stress and gives energy. Sexual activities are physical exercise and will require energy to be performed at its best. Sleeping well will ensure that you have a decent amount of power when it is time to complete the act.

Reduced Stress

Sleep reduces stress levels in the body. Elevated stress levels will affect the sexual drive in both men and women. Stress leads to the release of Cortisol, a hormone that reduces the sex drive of men and women by limiting and decreasing the Testosterone levels in the body.


Sex and sleep are entertained in both men and women. This means that for you to take your sexual health seriously, you will need to work on your rest and sleep patterns. This also means that you would need to sleep as much as you can if you do not want your sexual life affected. The production of Testosterone can be affected by stress, so rest as much as possible to prevent your body from producing Cortisol.

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