Sleep Deeply Every Night

How to fall asleep fast and predictably - And wake up feeling focused, energized and ready to win at life

Falling asleep shouldn’t be a struggle - and yet, most adults have a hard time doing it. Life gets hectic. Stress and anxiety build up. Insomnia hits... And it all starts to negatively affect the way we perform throughout the day.

Lack of sleep causes us to feel tired, run-down, and unable to think straight. It makes mornings miserable and has us reaching for a cup of coffee just to be able to open both eyes.

We’ve all woken up being Mr. Grumpy-pants after a sleepless night, haven’t we?

But snapping at some undeserving soul is not where it ends.

It gets worse. Much worse.

When sleepless nights start to happen on a regular basis, our health takes a serious hit. In fact, science has linked sleep deprivation to:

  • Increased bad cholesterol (LDL)

  • Increased blood sugar levels (bad news for diabetics)

  • Weight gain

  • Hypertension and heart disease

  • Weakening of the immune system

  • A build-up of waste products in the brain

  • Increased risk of cancer and other illnesses

  • Irritability, aggression, and hallucinations

What’s keeping you up at night?

Some people have difficulty falling asleep. Their mind races for hours on end - and they just can’t stop thinking about what happened during their day.

Others are focused on what’s going to happen tomorrow. Their minds are constantly having imaginary conversations and arguments about what’s going to happen in their future.

Other people are bothered by things from their distant past. Just when they are laying down in bed, events that may have occurred a long time ago, come back to replay in endless loops.

The many types of sleeplessness

No matter how hard they try, some people just can’t fall asleep. They count sheep, bunny rabbits, or spots on the ceiling. And they lay awake for hours no matter what. They get out of bed after another sleepless night... only to stumble through their day.

Some people fall asleep just fine. Their problem is that they can’t stay asleep. They wake up at some point during the night - and then they toss and turn until dawn.

Other people go through all the motions. They go to bed at a decent time. They may even fall asleep quite rapidly. But when they wake up in the morning, they are still exhausted because they didn’t actually get any deep, relaxing, restful sleep.

Are you sleep-deprived?

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you need an alarm to wake up at the right time?

  • Do you sleep extra hours on weekend mornings?

  • Do you use caffeine or energy drinks to stay alert?

  • Do you fall asleep while watching a movie or TV?

  • Are you less motivated or productive than you’d like to be?

  • Do you feel slow with critical thinking, problem-solving, or being creative?

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, you need to get more sleep.
Most adults are completely unaware of their low level of alertness. In other words, most of us have been sleep-deprived for so long that we don’t even remember what it’s like to feel wide awake and full of energy.

According to sleep experts, most people need at least one more hour of sleep every night than they’re getting. The National Sleep Foundation has stated that sleep deprivation is on the rise. The added stress of hectic day-to-day living is taking a serious toll on many of us.

Lack of sleep could kill you (and me)

A recent U.S. study shows that driving when you’re sleep-deprived could be as risky as driving drunk. Driving while sleep-deprived is the leading cause of single-car accidents. And yet, data from the National Sleep Foundation show 60 percent of U.S. adults have driven while feeling drowsy and around 33 percent have actually fallen asleep at the wheel.

This is a BIG problem that is putting your life at risk. It gets worse.

Some of history’s biggest man-caused catastrophes, like the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl, and NASA’s Challenger space shuttle explosion have all been pinpointed to sleep-deprived humans making serious mistakes.

One problem. Many (failed) solutions.

Over the years, people have tried all sorts of things to deal with sleep deprivation. As time goes on, the solutions are getting more complex and expensive. And yet, most of them miss the mark entirely. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Pillows and mattresses
It seems like every few months a brand new type of mattress or pillow comes along to

“revolutionize” the way we sleep. You’ve seen them on TV and big department stores. They’re made from the finest feathers, space-age memory foams, smart self-adjusting springs, air, water, squishy gels, and a plethora of other crazy materials.

Sure, I’ll admit that some of these newer pillows and mattresses can be very comfortable indeed. But the fact of the matter is that they are wildly expensive. And no matter how new the

materials are, or how advanced the technology gets... they won’t solve any serious sleep problems on their own. (I’ll tell you why in a minute).

Ice ice baby
I recently found the weirdest sleeping aid. It’s a device that turns your entire bed into a refrigerator. That’s right. You sleep on a special pad that chills both sides of the bed independently and promises a full night sleep.

Another device refrigerates your forehead. It claims that by cooling your head, your entire body’s temperature will drop and you’ll fall asleep faster. All you have to do is strap a band to your head and turn on a machine that whirrs and beeps and makes noise all through the night.

While cooling down may work (for some people) on the hotter parts of the planet, it’s certainly not a solution for everyone. And even if these devices may work for a handful of people, they are super expensive, cumbersome to use, and impossible to take with you when you travel.

The magnet promise
Some people are touting magnets as a sure cure for sleep issues. You’ll see them trying to sell magnetic mattress pads. Pillows and blankets with embedded magnets. Magnets that you tape above your heart or strap on your head every night.

They claim that strong enough magnets could potentially have some effects on the body’s electromagnetic field. But when it comes to sleep, there are exactly zero scientific studies to support these claims.

Sleeping pills
Some doctors believe that there should be a pill for everything. They come up with risky

chemicals to force the body into an artificially-induced slumber. Most pills sedate you to a point of complete unresponsiveness. Your body lies in bed like a corpse all night... only to wake up sluggish and exhausted because there was zero restful sleep.

It gets worse. The side effects of these pills can be shocking. One pill advises that you not use it unless your partner is willing to stay awake for several nights to monitor that you don’t sleepwalk and do anything dangerous in the middle of the night. Are they kidding us?

Sleep supplement scams

Every week another magical supplement appears in the market. They all claim to be the ultimate “all-natural” aid to get you sleeping like a baby. Unfortunately, most of them are just the same substance (melatonin) under different names and packaging.

You’ll see melatonin in the form of chocolate bars, gummies, chewing gum, sprays, and slow-dissolving pills. The truth is that melatonin is super cheap because it’s mass-produced in China and shipped all around the world. Melatonin may work for some people, but it leaves others exhausted the next day.

CBD (Cannabidiol)
This is the latest health craze to hit the market. CBD is an extract from the cannabis plant that is being touted as a cure for, well, everything. People are making all sorts of miraculous claims about this compound - including hawking it as the end-all sleep solution for insomniacs.

And while early studies show promising results, there is little to no research on its effectiveness as a sleeping aid. And there are ZERO studies on its long-term safety.

Other “magical” gimmicks and gizmos
Rocks and crystals, recordings of crickets and ocean waves, specially colored pajamas, you name it, somebody will try to sell it to you.

It’s a weird world out there. Unscrupulous marketers know this. And they’ll take advantage of people with problems without hesitation. You’ll see them come up with the most outrageous claims and back them up with made-up pseudo-science explanations.

The latest (ridiculous) miracle cure for sleep is called “red-light therapy”. You basically shine a red light in your face and over time, it helps you fall asleep. Oh, come on!

The fact is that you don’t need any of these bells or whistles to get better sleep. In fact...

Falling asleep is easy! (When you know how to do it)

Fortunately, there’s an easy, all-natural, and scientifically proven way to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling vibrant and energized every single day.

It’s called “The Sleep Science Method” and it has already helped thousands of men and women from around the world to get deeper, more relaxing, and more restoring sleep. It works regardless of age, background, or how hectic life feels at the moment.

Better yet, this proven method works right from the very first night. And it works whenever and wherever you are - both at home in your own bed or while traveling. After a night or two of using The Sleep Science Method, you’ll discover, perhaps for the first time in months (or years), what it really feels like to sleep deeply and be fully alert all day long.

The Sleep Science Method is a digital program that you can download instantly and it includes:

The Deep Sleep Quickstart Guidebook
A short digital book in PDF format that details the science of sleep, shows you how to identify

the root problem of sleeplessness, and guides you through simple steps to get a deeper and more relaxing sleep every single night.

The Deep Sleep Routine doesn’t require any pills, expensive machines, or special mattresses. In fact, you don’t need anything external to solve your sleep issues. Just a few straightforward techniques (that anybody can follow) are all you need to get the deep and restorative sleep your body needs to wake up smiling and feeling rejuvenated.

The Beach - Transformative Digital Audio Session
This purpose of this unique digital recording is two-fold. First, it will guide to you a mental and

physical state of complete and total relaxation. A state that flows directly into a deeper and more relaxing sleep than you have ever experienced before.

The second purpose is life transformation. Using the power of the subconscious mind, you can use The Beach to make groundbreaking changes in any area of your life. From relationships to personal finance. From health to habit changes. And anything in between. The Beach is the mental place to be when you want fast positive changes to happen in life.

The Third Component - Digital Audio Session
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