“I Used to Be Able to Fall Asleep Standing Up Until…

How An Accidental Discovery on An Old iPod Changed My Sleep Forever

If there was ever an Olympic Gold medal for sleeping, I would have won it hands down. Contestants would take their positions above their bed. At the sound of “ready, set, GO!” I’d launch myself on to my pillow. I’d be sound asleep in seconds and sleep through the night.

It didn’t matter what my situation was. The lights could be on in the room.

Music could be playing.

People could be talking.

I’d be out like a light.

Traveling was never a problem. I’d be asleep on a plane before takeoff. I’d wake up when the plane landed. I slept through everything. Turbulence, announcements, snacks and drinks passed without notice.

I remember one day when I had to go from one terminal to another by bus. I feel asleep standing up! I couldn’t relate to people with sleeping problems and then one day, everything changed.

Staring At the Clock
All Night Long...

Life happened. I got older. One day. I noticed I wasn’t falling asleep as quickly. I wasn’t sleeping through the night either.

I was determined to solve the problem and get back to sleep but it wasn’t as easy as it once was.

I awoke exhausted and grumpy in the morning.

My sleep problem grew night after night.

My weight ballooned.

My productivity declined at work.

But I never associated it with sleep until…

My Doctor Gave Me
The Bad News

My office visit to discuss my weight with my cardiologist was over.

I was getting off the examining table to leave.

My doctor asked, “How’s your sleep these days?”

I told him my sleep was non-existent.

That’s when he said slowly. “You know your weight and your sleep are connected, right?”

I sat back down.

“You mean if I fix my sleep issue, I’ll fix my weight issue?”

The doctor thought for a moment and said. “You could be on the best and strictest diet in the world. But if you aren’t sleeping, you probably won’t lose weight.”

My Search For
Restorative Sleep

From that day forward I began reading about sleep.

My doctor recommended melatonin.

I followed his directions.

Some nights it worked.

Some nights I just wondered why I was still counting sheep.

The problem was, whether it worked or not, whenever I took melatonin, I always woke up groggy and tired.

I tried different brands.

I tried different dosages.

You name the melatonin product and I tried it.

Pills, sprays, liquids, gummies, and chocolates.

I finally gave up on melatonin and moved on.

The “Refrigerator” Trick

I tried everything.

One day I read that chilling your body temperature at night helped with sleep.

I bought a device that was a mini refrigerator that chilled your forehead.

I tried it for weeks and other than a cold forehead, there was no improvement to my sleep.

You won’t believe what I tried next.

The “Frankenstein” Treatment

When I was a kid, I used to watch the old Frankenstein movies. They attached electrodes to the sides of the Monster’s head and turned on the electricity.

You guessed it.

Someone told me about a treatment where you connect electrodes to your ears.

Then you turn on a small electrical current and fall asleep.

Now as strange as it may seem, the concept made sense to me. You brain talks to you all day long. At night when you want to go to sleep, your brain still wants to talk to itself.

If you turn on this tiny electrical stimulation, your brain thinks it’s talking while you get a good night’s sleep.

But then I discovered you couldn’t get this device without a prescription. And it was expensive.

With some trepidation, I talked to my doc and I got my hands on 3 different devices. All of them clipped on to your ears.

You’d turn on this tiny current and head off for dreamland.

Except, I would wake up when the machine turned off after 20 minutes.

And that was it for the night.

Electricity didn’t work for Frankenstein and it sure didn’t work for me.

I wasn’t disappointed because I was already on to the next Sleep remedy….

The Accidental
Discovery of the Answer

I was lying awake at night when I remembered something from the past. Many years ago, I attended a meditation workshop.

The leader taught a meditation for sleep.

It was called “The Beach”.

The only problem was…I couldn’t find it.

I looked everywhere. I tried like crazy to remember where it was. I almost gave up. But…

Suddenly I remembered, it was on an old iPod buried in my office.

I popped out of bed, found the iPod and the cord. An hour later, fully charged, I put in some ear buds and promptly fell asleep.

I was out like a light and stayed asleep the entire night.

But I was still skeptical.

After all, anything could work for one night.

So I used it every single night for a week. And for the first time in recent history…

I Slept Like A Baby
All Night Long

My scientific mind questioned, “Does this work just for me or would it work for others?”

I thought of who would benefit from this meditation.

My eyes lit up when I thought of the most difficult client in history: my mom.

Mom was difficult.

Elderly parents can be…a challenge.

(To say the least)

Mom had a bad case of insomnia.

She would fall asleep watching re-runs of Law and Order on TV.

The lack of sleep made her tired and cranky.

I figured…if it worked for my mom, it was worth pursuing.

I bought my mom a portable player and earphones.

And waited. And waited. And waited.

The next morning, I called her up.

“Mom, how did you like the meditation?”

“What meditation?”

“The one I gave you on the player. Did you listen to it?”

I couldn’t believe her response.

“Do people know that it’s blank?” she asked.

“Mom, it’s not blank. I tested it before giving it to you.”
“I heard a few words but then I fell asleep and I didn’t hear anything!”

Well, it passed the mom test.

I Became Known As
The Sleep Fixer

Any time I heard of a problem someone had with sleep I rushed them a copy of this Beach meditation.

And I started getting rave reviews.

Like from the new mom who slept through delivery and woke up to deliver a healthy baby.

And soon I began collecting these reviews…

Here is my testimonial for The Beach. Before I started listening to The Beach, I was having difficulty falling asleep and then sleeping through the night. This meditation helps me to fall asleep within 5 to 10 minutes and I don't wake up until it is time to wake up. This has helped me get a deeper night's sleep which, in turn, has given me more energy and focus during the day.

Stephanie Morgan

Palm Beach, FL

Oh, let me tell you the ways that the Beach has helped! Not only do I fall asleep quicker, but I sleep longer and wake up excited for the day At first I would stay wake through the whole message, but the more I listened, the sooner I relaxed and now I’m asleep within the first few minutes. My attitude in the mornings are of happy person, and not of one that is looking to fight the world. Thank you for The Beach

Jim Stamps

Los Angeles, CA

I love The Beach. I use it daily, not just for helping to fall asleep. I have almost memorized the sounds, visuals, and smells so that I can meditate on it and feel relaxed and at peace anywhere. Thank you, Dr. Harlan for all you do

Robin T.

Austin, TX

Each evening as I crawl into bed I start "the beach" recording. It provides my mind with the audio/visual focus for my manifestations that my reiki practice employs to send me to dreamland. Loved counting sheep, yet the sand and the waves win. If you have a mindful practice that wants an extra oomph. try "The Beach." You may become addicted

Nan Sullivan

Boise, ID

May I Fix
Your Sleep?

Since I discovered this simple fix for my sleep and it’s worked for thousands and thousands of people, I wanted to share it with you.

Here’s the interesting part: fixing your sleep is just the beginning.

People have told me that after a few weeks they started to notice other positive changes in their lives.

I lost nearly 60 pounds since listening to this meditation every night.

Others report become more centered and peaceful.

A lot of people reported the little things in life stopped bothering them.

Fix Your Sleep For Good –
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Here’s what The Beach will do for you:

  • Rapidly fall asleep and stay asleep the entire night. You’ll be amazed how quickly it works for you. Most people notice results the first time they use it.
  • You’ll wake up refreshed the next morning with no tiredness. Finally, your friends and family can relax because you’ll be a whole new person.
  • When you open your eyes, you’ll be full of energy and eager to start your day.

Falling Asleep Is Easy!

Fortunately, there’s an easy, all-natural, and scientifically proven way to fall asleep.

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And it works whenever and wherever you are - both at home in your own bed or while traveling.

What makes The Beach special is that it taps into the way you fall to sleep naturally. In a normal, completely healthy way, it “slows down” your brainwaves so your mind and body are completely receptive to going to sleep.

I’ve never found anything else that even comes close, and, as you can imagine — I’ve tried everything!

After a night or two of using The Beach you’ll discover, perhaps for the first time in months (or years), what it really feels like to sleep deeply and be fully alert all day long.

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Here’s what’s even better.

The Beach is one component of The Sleep Science Method.

In add, you’ll also get:

The Deep Sleep Quickstart Guidebook

This is a digital book in PDF format.
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You’ll discover how to identify the root problem of sleeplessness. It guides you through simple steps to get a deeper and more relaxing sleep every single night.

The Deep Sleep Routine doesn’t require any pills, expensive machines, or special mattresses.

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The Beach - Transformative Digital Audio Session

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